Aloe Vera For Acne

The great Aloe Vera:

“Aloe Vera For Acne” sounds like a proverb. The herb, giving out abundant extract, is nature’s gift to mankind for curing acne. If you are to treat acne, you are to think of aloe vera simply for its proven efficacy as a beauty product. Hundreds and thousands of people across the world vouchsafe for this. If left untreated, acne grows to mar the face and the body, affecting the overall look and health.

Aloe vera is a fleshy, juicy plant belonging to the lilies family impregnating its roots, leaves and stems with rich water-content. Reportedly, its origin belongs to Arabian Peninsula, Madagascar and Africa.

Aloe Vera For AcneThis herb possesses lot of cosmetic-centric medicinal properties such as moisturizing, soothing and healing. Hence, no wonder, it occupies an invariable, lively ingredient in soaps, sunscreen lotions, moisturizers and other cosmetics.

Knowing its many healing traits, the old Romans and Greeks wisely applied it for treating, injuries, wounds and inflammations. Furthermore, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is also said to have included this aloe vera in her beautifying specimens. These bear testimony to the aloe vera’s time-tested and proven use by common folk and celebrities alike starting from very old times for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

How does Aloe Vera work?

Aloe vera has a number of medicinal properties which are responsible for the cure of acnes, pimples and their marks. The anti-bacterial effects prevent bacteria from causing infection on acne wounds, ensure their quick healing, and off-set the blush caused by them. Its anti-fungal qualities help in the treatment of inflammation such as boils and resting spores on the skin.

Magnesium lactate available in aloe vera effectively relieves itchy sensation coming with acne, also treating skin eruptions and discolorations caused by the sun. It has tissue-contracting property which dislodges excess oil and dirt from the skin to thwart acne eruptions. It also helps reduce the magnitude of excited nodules and spores to cure swelling and its pain. Aloe vera is known to further skin rejuvenation and re-growth. When applied on acne scars, it helps in their vanishing.

Another nutrient, anthroquinone, present in aloe vera enlivens skin’s important nutritive substances pushing up cell’s formation and prognosis. This helps curing all acnes and their scars, making the skin look bright and unblemished. This nutrient additionally aids in lightening the pigments to cure the marks and sore patches on the skin caused by acne and pimples.

Saponins nutrients such as gibberellin, polysaccharides and mannans contained in aloe vera destroy the bacteria and viruses that foment eruption of acnes, including the acute acne-causing propioni bacteria.

The plant has salicylic acid content which decongests the pores and removes acne, blockages on the facial glands and whitish lumps on the skin, in addition helping control the hydrogen ion concentration balance of the skin. When dirt accumulation on pores causes pores blockages, bacterial infection and blockages on facial glands occur.

The different methods of application:

Aloe vera is applied on face and other skin parts either independently or in combination with other natural products for curing acne and its scars. All of them are very effective. It all starts with washing your face and the skin area with a mild cleanser for applying aloe for assured cure. Now apply aloe gel on acne and its scars-face and neck areas, keep so overnight and then wash off.

Apply a facial mask (a paste) prepared by mixing honey, turmeric and rose water with aloe gel on the acne-prone areas, and wash it off after 20 minutes. Do this thrice a week and you would get rid of acne with a bright face. Aloe vera and lemon juice make another facial mask. Apply this on your neck and face, and stay so overnight. The antibacterial effects of both lemon and vera would clear off your face from acne menace.

You can use organic aloe soap containing glycerine twice a day to reduce acne and acquire a uniform skin tone. Aloe gel mixed with water also is a good cure for acne. Allow it on your face for an hour and clean. Acne eruption would cease now. Yet another mask made from aloe gel mixed with carrot juice makes for an ideal soothing drink for improving vitality of the skin. Its external application on acne –prone areas for 20 minutes would also cure acne.

Owing to its innumerable medicinal properties essentially for curing acne, “Aloe Vera For Acne” has become a proverbial saying reminding you of its relevance and usefulness.